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mental and emotional support for the
injured athlete


Running Group

So... you've been an athlete 
for your entire life

And now you're


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chances are...

You're working with an orthopedic doctor, athletic trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist [and every other medical provider you can think of] to make your recovery as FAST and smooth as possible

In fact, you're probably crushing it when it comes to doing your exercises, eating well, and getting the perfect amount of sleep

But the truth is, you're recovery still isn't going as planned

You feel like progress is moving slow... maybe you're even falling behind

And you're starting to wonder IF you'll be able to play your favorite sport again

Because your sport is the ONE thing in your life that makes you feel like your most badass self, shine your light, and feel at home in your body, mind, and soul

you're feeling..

Discouraged and F-ING frustrated

Hopeless and maybe even a little temptation to just throw in the towel -- because what's the purpose of working so hard to recover when your body seems to be betraying you anyways

Actually, maybe it's that you're not trying hard enough ... if you just put in a little more work, things would be better

Perhaps the scariest thing of all is that you feel like you're losing your sense of self; you're not even sure who, what, or where will make you happy again

And you believe that all of this nonsense will be over when you can just lace up running shoes, get back on the court, or crush it on the field again.

but the truth is...

You and I both know that the harder you push yourself in rehab slaving away at your exercises, believing that rest days will slow you down, and perfecting your routine, the more your body seems to be pushing back

Making the light at the end of the tunnel seem VERY far away

Which has you feeling more pissed and hopeless with each day that passes

Wondering what the heck it is that you're missing

And you're also thinking that a happy ending may never be in the cards for you, right?


good news ahead.

Image by Madison Bracaglia

It makes sense...

To be scared that you might be on the sidelines for way longer than you want

And be angry because this injury was not a part of your plan -- and definitely did not happen at the right time

It makes sense to worry about ways you'll be able to keep your stress in check and stay physically fit when you've been asked to rest and take it slow for weeks, months, or years

All while feeling like you're behaving a like a total asshole no matter how hard you try not to

And the steam that's coming out of your ears and the tears that are rolling down your face are perfect -- because it's clear just how much you love to play your sport and the way it's contributed to your life

I know because I've walked in similar shoes before myself -- several times, in fact

And I'm here to tell you that it is 100% possible for YOU to rediscover a life that lights you up RIGHT NOW -- even when you're sitting on the sidelines or forced to hang up your cleats for good


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I'm Dr. Jen Davis


I help injured athletes get their sport back and feel like their powerhouse self again

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