are you tired of living a life for everyone else...

... and finally ready to start living

a life for yourself?

YOU-centered Transformative Mindset Coaching that teaches you the importance of setting boundaries, how to create and communicate them effectively, and actually stick to them... Walk away from the fear, guilt, and people-pleasing and launch yourself into a life that sets you free!

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how does transformative mindset coaching work?

Transformative Mindset Coaching is a variation of life coaching that includes evidence-based approaches proven to help you make positive life changes that last. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Jen will help you discover the roots of the way you look at the world. She'll help you identify the habits and strategies you use that enable you to find success in achieving your goals, and she'll help you break free from and transform the ones that are holding you back. 

In a nutshell, Jen will teach you how to create the life you dream of by setting and sticking to clear boundaries that set you free.

No regrets. And 100% guilt-free.

Why Jen Davis Coaching?

We walk shoulder to shoulder with you as we explore the valuable cracks of your heart and mind that hold the keys to overcoming your difficulties in setting boundaries and actually sticking to them.

You are            alone.


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Through various programs designed specifically with you in mind, we provide you with ALL the tools you need to stick to boundaries that


at a pace that feels right for you.

set you free

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We keep     

in the spotlight. What works for Suzy might not work for you.


with boundary-setting is our top priority, and we'll do everything we can to make it happen. 


Your success



Whether you are...

Lost in the overwhelming and never-ending to-do list 

Feeling like you're being pulled in 5 million directions and having trouble staying on a path that feels right for you

Tired of saying "yes" when you really mean "no"

Craving to lead your strong and independent life free from what other people think

Ready to rise above the the life other people think you "should" have and blaze a trail that sets your soul on fire

empower and embrace coaching will help you to create powerful transformations that last

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I'm jen davis.

Certified Transformative Mindset Coach,

NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, & 

Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner

I am the baby in a family of six children who secured my spot as "The Angel Child" while constantly succumbing to people-pleasing and perfectionism to find love, acceptance, and belonging. After many years of saying yes to everyone else while repeatedly denying my inner self, I finally learned that my approach to life actually guaranteed me loneliness, anxiety, and difficulty connecting with other humans in sound relationships because I had no idea who I actually was. With the help of mentors and empowering influences, I put the work into revealing my raw and authentic identity. And not just finding it, but loving who I am with my whole heart--without regrets, guilt, or shame.

My transformational journey to self-discovery revealed my impactful purpose on Plant Earth as a Transformative Mindset Coach serving other women with similar stories.


As a Transformative Mindset Coach and NLP Practitioner, my mission is to help other women break free from the cage of living a life for everyone else and empower her to wholeheartedly live a life her herself. I do this by helping clients remove their mental blocks around self-worth, compassion, vulnerability, authenticity, and sense of belonging. And in doing so, I propel my clients into the best version of themselves while living their best life completely guilt-free.

empower and embrace coaching, LLC.

Jen Wardyga, PT, DPT, RYT

Transformative Mindset Coach

NLP Practitioner


Practitioner of Time Line Therapy ®


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