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Ready to turn your slow-going and disappointing ACL injury recovery journey into one that progresses quickly and easily?

Are you excited to close this chapter in your book of life

make sure this is your last injury?


If you’re getting a


from deep in your insides,

Then I’ve designed this amazing free experience for           


Following your home exercise program perfectly

Getting extra workouts in at the gym

Eating the cleanest you ever have

And decorating your house with inspiring quotes

You feel like you’re constantly behind 


Deep down, you believe that you should not only be hitting your milestones on time, you should be crushing them ahead of the curve


You’re feeling something has been overlooked in your healing journey and unclear about what the path ahead looks like from here


And the truth is, you’re feeling left behind and confused because your rehab support team has neglected to guide you through the MOST important part of your healing

    now is when that changes.

I’m here to help you become the person your surgeon raves about because
you’re doing this recovery better than any other patient before

As the typically high-achieving and powerful human you are…

Your surgeon and PT team say you’re crushing this every time they see you


Yet, you’re secretly wondering…


“I should be further along in this recovery journey. What am I missing?"


Because even though you’ve been:

Most importantly, I’m here to help you make sure you do this the right way from here on out,


Because you deserve to have a powerful life, free from any thoughts about your knee again


Especially when you hear so often that the way you live has to change after an ACL injury


After going through 3 of my own ACL injury recoveries, experiencing most of the things that could go wrong + learning what to do instead to guarantee a smoother experience


And helping my clients do the same thing


I know how to make this possible for you too



We're SO excited to CRUSH IT with you!

a 5-day challenge


slow recovery

fullly healed

would it be amazing if you could...

… Go on that epic vacation you planned 2 years ago and know that you’ll be able to experience mountain adventures and beach days worry-free?


… Complete your next round of half-marathon training AND hit a new personal best, feeling totally unstoppable while crushing your athletic goals?


Play on the playground with your kids, feeling just as fearless as they do?


… Say YES to the next friends trip and truly mean it, because the worry you once had about keeping up with them is gone?

of course it would!

That’s why I created this free 5-day challenge just for      


here's what you'll learn


How to unlock your body's ability

to heal faster

(and create unbreakable confidence in your recovery and your future)


How to start implementing the overlooked solution to creating powerful healing momentum so that you can meet your milestones

on time or ahead of the curve


How to implement a clear and bulletproof plan for your recovery and life beyond

(and how to have your own back when

it takes a detour)


Move from feeling frustrated and confused to clear and confident every step of the way

Set yourself up for success 

A FREE group coaching session to help you gain clarity for the path ahead

In just 5 days you’ll walk away knowing deep down in your bones that you WILL dominate this recovery and never again be in the dark about what’s next for you in sports or life

SR to FH challenge pin 2.png

We're SO excited to CRUSH IT with you!

slow recovery

fullly healed

a 5-day challenge

from a



We're SO excited to CRUSH IT with you!

in summary you get...

5 interactive livestream trainings withjen
that are jam-packed with a ton of value to help you have a fast, complete, and FUN journey + greatly reduce your risk of re-tearing in the future (you’ll have access to the recordings if you can’t be there live)
5 days of support from Jen inside the acl recovery club
facebook group

(The 5th day will include a session with even more focused coaching support from Jen to answer your lingering questions)
4 supportive worksheets
to help you get crystal clear on a rehab plan that supports
YOUR dream recovery +  action steps to implement immediately to start upgrading your healing momentum
SR to FH challenge pin 500.png
An opportunity to uplevel your rehab game
alongside other high-achieving humans who want to kick ass in this recovery and the rest of life too
1000 off.png
Plus, a chance to win $1,000
to use towards Jen’s Team Unbreakable YOU.
Group Coaching Experience


I trusted Jen right away because of the mixed background she has in PT and mindset support. I feel safe with her. She's a listener and also calls me out on my blindspots. She brings that athletic feel to it, which I love.


Jen has helped me learn how to find my own self-worth. I now understand that I am always enough, and bountifully loved, no matter what. This is particularly important as I've struggled with worrying what other people think about my decisions, my appearance, and what I say/do. By having a clearer picture of my own worthiness of peace, happiness, and acceptance, I have become more confident in my own decisions and ability to stay on the path of what makes me happy in the long-term.


My social life is booming again! I have the energy and confidence to be fully present again. My thoughts aren’t constantly worried about work, failures and what others are saying. I know my truth better now and can walk in it. Obviously, it’s not always rays of sunshines but I now recognized it. I can catch thought patterns and work through them instead of stuff and toss away. I’ve also gotten better at letting my friends know what’s going on. The love I received from this is really great.



We're SO excited to CRUSH IT with you!

slow recovery

fullly healed

a 5-day challenge

from a


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