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The journal that gets you back on your feet

and back to yourself

You just got an injury, delivered a tiny human, got diagnosed with an illness that calls for rest, or experienced some other life curveball that has you out of your running shoes and in a funk.

Perhaps you're feeling frustrated, lost, sad, lonely, and jealous of the people who can do what your body can't. 

And deep down, you don't want to feel this way every second of the day but you have no idea how to turn things around.

Look no further - The Injury Journal is for YOU!

If you're like the younger version of me, you wish somebody could tell you exactly what what you need to do to skip past this season of pain and discomfort as fast as possible so that you can get back to your glory days... feeling like you love yourself and your life again.

Because the truth is that you've always been good at executing a training plan when it's provided for you.

As a former college soccer player, I get it.

Which is exactly why I wanted to take the leg work out for you by saving you time, frustration, and effort trying to figure out how to navigate this unknown season on your own.

The Injury Journal leads you step-by-step through some of the basic strategies I use with my clients that help them get out of the funk and back into their running shoes faster and stronger.

It's like a half-marathon training plan -- only for your mind, heart, and spirit.

Which are the 3 components that we often forget to pay attention to when we're healing.

And they're the same 3 components that -- when supported with TLC -- get your body working again like you want it to.

So that you can RUN MORE and worry less. Replace your anger and anxiety with love and confidence. And feel like you're LIVING AGAIN instead of just existing.

a guided journal to help injured athletes conquer the mental game AND rock the recovery process

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