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A supportive and empowering membership community for hardworking women with an ACL injury
who want to move from feeling lonely, defeated, and confused in their recovery
TO feeling deeply connected, hopeful, and clear about the path ahead.


An ongoing monthly membership - ENROLLING NOW


$150 for the first 3 months combined + $57 for each additional month

The gifts this community will bring to you:

Move FROM feeling like your life has become filled with boring and meaningless straight leg raises that hurt TO INSTEAD feeling hope and ALIVE as you clearly and confidently envision returning to hiking, biking, and skiing as your main forms of exercise.

Move FROM telling yourself to stay positive when it feels like your world is crumbling beneath you
TO INSTEAD feeling calm, free, and powerful even on days filled with curveballs.

Play tag with your kids at the playground AND conquer the biggest slide with them –
and get home realizing you forgot to even think about your knee!

You're a hardworking woman whose had an ACL reconstruction (or you're just about to) and you're struggling with all of the uncertainty about how your body will feel and how fast you’ll be able to get back to the sports you love most so that you can finally feel calm, focused, and like yourself again at home and at work.


You’ve trieD...

  • Building the perfect exercise routine so that you can start strong and stay strong (maybe you’ve even hired a personal trainer or virtual PT to help you)

  • Educating yourself about what to eat so that your body can feel good and heal fast

  • Polling the online Facebook communities for tips and tricks to make your journey as smooth as possible

  • Bookmarking success journeys from other ACLers so that you have a motivating resource to look back at on your tough days

  • Perusing books that build your mental skills toolbox (because you’ve heard that this recovery is more mental than it is physical) and you want to make sure it's as painless as possible.


the problem is…


Even after checking off all of those boxes, it seems like you’re constantly in pain, falling behind in your progress, and not sure what it is that you’re missing to help get yourself back on track


Which has you feeling like you’re doing something wrong or not working hard enough… even though you KNOW you’ve been doing everything perfectly, right?


The most frustrating thing? You’re not sure how to fix it.


I get it, I’ve been there, I am there!


It makes sense that you would feel that way because you know you’ve been doing all the things other ACLers rave about that brought them success (and perhaps you know deep down that you’ve been working just as hard – or maybe harder –  than they did too).


But here’s the thing.


Just because you check off all the boxes and push yourself harder than you ever have before doesn’t mean you’ll get cleared to jog and jump again faster.


You and I both know that this recovery is not just about your body. 


What’s happening in your mind, heart, and spirit is a HUGE part of your healing – and you're a whole human who needs all of these parts to be supported in order to have a strong and complete recovery.


The truth is that doubling up on your gym workouts while simultaneously telling yourself that you just need to stay positive is a surefire way of keeping your recovery exactly where it is – slow, complicated, and uncertain.


Deep down, you KNOW you need to work on the mental and emotional side of things, and not just plow through with the perfect rehab exercises and food routine... Because you’ve already seen where that approach gets you – spending your whole day rehabbing your knee and only feeling worse. 

I know this because I’ve helped thousands of ACL-injured women like you experience a faster and smoother recovery… and most of them came to me at this starting point, too.

In fact, I was deep down in the weeds of it back in 2015 when my 2nd ACL injury recovery seemed like an out of body experience -- like my whole world was lit on fire and turned upside down while I helplessly stood by and watched it... frozen... feeling like I had no idea how to stop it.

(Trust me, it CAN be better!)


Here's the other thing. I also know that you've been surrounded by a TEAM your whole life – whether that's in sports, your career, or your family. And you and I both know you do BEST when you have an army of support around you.

This is why I developed


To help you go FROM laying in bed awake at night with a mind that’s racing with questions TO INSTEAD falling asleep as soon as you hit the pillow because you know exactly how to nurture all parts of yourself in the healing process – mind, body, heart, and spirit – AND course-correct BEFORE a major setback happens.

is this 




Kimberly S.

My social life is booming again! I have the energy and confidence to be fully present again. My thoughts aren’t constantly worried about work, failures and what others are saying.

It was freeing - my go to word when working with Jen.

Running Outdoor

Patti D.

I was in crisis physically and emotionally when I met Jen. Folks might not have seen it on the outside but my body was raging and hurting on the inside. I was given the chance to speak my truth, have someone not only hear me but actually listen, and take the swirling pieces creating my chaos and put them in perspective. At this point, I feel like I cleared the muck enough to move forward.

Just take a moment and imagine how your ACL recovery and life could feel if you could go



feeling like you’re bothering your spouse who’s tired of hearing you complain

hearing your partner tell you he’s incredibly proud of you for being so strong even on your tough days.

feeling dismissed at your post-op appointment when you share your concerns 

knowing exactly how to get your surgeon’s attention and receive the attunement and concern you deserve.

feeling resentful (even though you know you shouldn’t, because #abundance, right?) when someone shares their ACL wins online

seeing and genuinely feeling happy for them, because their wins give YOU hope for what's possible for you

feeling your heart drop when your baby asks you to play legos on the floor… again … 

saying YES without hesitation and excited to soak in time with your favorite Mini-Me

wanting to avoid going out because you’re all consumed with whether your knee will hurt, where you’ll park, and if the restaurant has an extra seat to prop your leg on 

saying yes to spontaneous date night plans with your hubby at the new bougie place in town

walking like a robot trying to keep your knee safe in icy and snowy conditions

prancing along outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine

Secretly feeling jealous as you watch your coworker depart for her daily lunch break jog

enjoying your own brisk walk totally guilt-free as you daydream about the day you’ll get back into your own feel-good running routine again

That you could just write positive affirmations, think positively, and listen to inspiring podcasts and you don’t really  need anything else to have a smooth and successful recovery.

Which makes sense… because that’s probably what you’ve learned on Instagram and Facebook.


But part of you might be thinking, “How do I actually stay positive? Why does it feel like the affirmations aren’t working? How do I actually make these things work for me?

You might be thinking...

I get it - I used to thing these things too.

After returning to college soccer just 7 months after my first injury, I thought the second recovery would be just as successful.


So, having the athlete mentality, I did what I knew how to do — I worked my ass off and did everything the same way I did after the first injury, like


- Doing my rehab exercises 5x/day

- Cutting pizza, ice cream, and wine from my diet

- Starting the day with journaling and positive affirmations

- And squeezing in extra quad sets while confined to a desk for 8 hours.


But 4 months into recovery when – according to the surgeon’s protocol – I should have been cleared to jog, my PT and I were working overtime to figure out why I still couldn’t walk without a limp or get my full range of motion back… even with the help of high-powered electrical stimulation.

It was when I was laying in the middle of the living room floor, sobbing because nothing was working while also nearly blowing steam out of my ears because I was SO angry about having a second injury and seemingly getting NOWHERE despite so much hard work... that it become obvious I couldn’t ignore the reality that was actually happening anymore.

There were parts of me that no amount of perfectly executed rehab exercises and positive mantras could heal.


Because the truth was I knew deep down that there was far more to this than just what was going on physically, and I needed mental and emotional support as well.


If you’re still reading and my story speaks to you, then chances are you’re feeling something similar too. 


Which makes total sense – because YOU are also a whole human who has parts like these that shouldn’t be ignored 


And THAT'S what you’re missing. This is why you’re not feeling better on the timeline that you want.

Having been there and done it and helped thousands of other people with ACL injuries,

this is EXACTLY why I created this program


MIR[ACL]E landing page pin pink.png

A supportive and empowering membership community for hardworking women with an ACL injury
who want to move from feeling lonely, defeated, and confused in their recovery
TO feeling deeply connected, hopeful, and clear about the path ahead.

Enrolling Now!

This is 

for you

if you're...

Tall Mountain and LAke

A busy stay-at-a-home mom

and you already feel spread thin between caring for kids and driving carpool – and you want to figure out how to fit in tending to and caring for YOURSELF in your ACL recovery in ways that are fun and energizing

Beach Meditation

A career-driven woman


who is tired of falling behind on work deadlines because your knee rehab takes up half your day – and you want to discover how to become the top pick for the next promotion AND simultaneously ace your return-to-jog progression pain-free and with ease

Ski Resort

A professional athlete


who is secretly scared about not being able to get back to your sport and passion-filled career – and instead you want to wake up each day with purpose and exciement + be able to joyfully cheer your teammates on without feeling jealous because they get to play and you don’t

Tennis Racket and Ball

A life-long lover of recreational sports


who’s afraid you’ll lose the amazing friends you made in your local running group because you’re out of commission – and you want to know that you’re surrounded by people who get you, love you, and will walk hand-in-hand with you through each phase of your rehab and beyond


Someone feels like you’re about to lose your shit


because you can’t go for a run to clear your mind after a fight with your spouse – and instead want to know how to stay calm and focused even when it seems like shit is hitting the fan

If you're one of these people...



smile because you really mean it and know deep down in your bones that you are CRUSHING this instead of constantly wondering what’s wrong with you and why this is so damn hard

keep yourself feeling strong, free, and excited so that you can make fun memories with your kids and watch them grow without missing a beat instead of fighting to keep your eyes open on the couch while your toddler (hopefully) can entertain himself.

KNOW and SEE that you are hitting your return-to-play goals in perfect timing even when simple squats and lunges still feel hard instead of doubting yourself and your goals… thinking you might have to force yourself to be okay being the mom who teaches your kid how to play soccer instead of being the star player in your favorite adult rec league.


Jennifer S.


I was able to do much more on my trip than I expected even a couple of weeks ago. Lots of steep, rocky sections on the trails I picked (not intentionally). Thank you so much for recommending a change to my PT setup and for helping me work through the mental parts too. Amazing to feel like my PT exercises are making me stronger vs. pissing off my hip!

Running Outdoor

Holly G.


I no longer think about my left knee very much and I have finally returned to tennis again! I feel happier and more hopeful. I was even able to go on a trip to St. Lucia with my husband, and instead of worrying about how my body looked in a bathing suit, I enjoyed just being with my husband and having fun.

here's what you can expect we'll work through together

how to know if...

Surgery is the right option for you so that you can finally commit to a treatment decision with conviction and be able to get on with your life and your recovery feeling clear and confident

Your current PT is the right fit or if it’s time to find a new one so that you can be sure that you are getting the highest level of care that you deserve

You’re pushing too hard or not pushing hard enough in your rehab so that you can get back to playing with your kids on the playground, running with your girlfriends, and shredding the slopes with your hubby pain-free and in perfect timing



move from



reaching for another glass of wine or Netflix binge when your surgeon says you need another surgery (even when your intuition says this isn’t right)

finding the conviction and wisdom within you to say NO to an unnecessary operation and instead advocate for what you really need – the care that will help you get cleared to run SOONER

forcing yourself to repeat positive mantras and manifest what it’s like to achieve your return-to-sport goals yet still continue to walk with a limp

returning to your favorite recreational soccer league in your goal time frame because you’re setting yourself up for success in ways that actually work for your unique mind and body

feeling MORE enraged and confused every time you’re reading other ACL injury recovery stories online

unfollowing those groups because you’re able to trust your healing timeline and your ability to make your own decisions


Cindy T.

After feeling like I hit a hard stop in progress at PT because my knee wasn't making any more progress and I was actually experiencing more pain, Jen helped me to clearly see what my body needed and confidently ask for it (instead of just going along with the things that obviously weren't working). I found a new PT that I felt safe with, and I felt strong and brave for communicating what I needed from the start - which made the whole process more effective and enjoyable.

Running Outdoor

Kimberly S.

I like to white knuckle grip everything and think worse case scenario. Before working with Jen, it was very hard for me to let go and trust the process. But the way she taught me how to surrender and actually trust myself works, and now I'm experiencing the things I want, like adventure, peace and love. And bonus, I'm back to dancing without thinking about my foot or my knee!!

Now, You may be thinking...

There are so many people out there to help me move through this challenging and uncertain season in my life. So what makes Jen THE person to partner up with?

This is such an important question for both the type of experience you allow yourself to have on this journey AND the results you get along the way.


So here's the hard truth, Friend.


The support you receive in this recovery - especially the mental and emotional support - is THE MOST influential part of your healing process. 

I know because I've done years of research on the psychological component of injury AND I've actually lived it myself.


During my first ACL injury recovery, I surrounded myself with support from my surgeon, PT, athletic trainer, family, friends, and teammates. 

But the second injury recovery journey was completely different.


I was thousands of miles away from my family, fresh into a career path in which I was still learning how to find my way, and new to friendships that didn't feel "deep enough" to hold me when I was breaking down in the kitchen because I felt like I was losing so many parts of my life that made me... ME. On top of that I was grappling with the reality of having to hang up my soccer cleats for good, when soccer had been one of the biggest loves of my life.

I didn't have the frequent checking-in, validation, encouragement, and clear guidance that I needed to feel calm and confident as I ventured through each stage of recovery. 

I was sad, lonely, discouraged, defeated, and STRESSED. 

And between a full-time pursuit of my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, doing my own rehab, feeding myself, and eating, I didn't have the time or energy to commit to a weekly counseling or coaching appointment.

I didn't know how else to deal with it all other than to put my head down, slap on my happy face, and power through, praying that the day I felt like I could finally breathe and feel like myself again would come sooner rather than later.


Here's what I learned the hard way, though.

Bottling everything up inside created more distance in my friendships and romantic relationship. 

I grew apart from some of my closest friends and eventually separated from the man I was sure I would marry one day.

The other thing?

My body was sending me so many glaring warning signs (because it remembers and holds onto all of the stress) - but I didn't yet have the knowledge or tools to recognize them or support support them.

My body held onto all of those icky but NORMAL experiences until it couldn't hide them any longer...

Which led to extra scar tissue development and cyclops lesions that stopped me from getting full range of motion, walking without a limp, or running pain-free.


The result?

More surgeries that led to more time, energy, and money spent in doctors offices and PT trying to get my motion back and walk naturally again - which meant more time waiting and wondering when I would finally be able to use my body the way I wanted to (and at times, the way I felt like I needed to in order to stay sane).

I couldn't avoid the "negative" thoughts and feelings anymore. 

And what I wanted most was to walk through the rest of recovery with someone who knew what I was going through and had the expertise to help me move forward in a way that felt easier while also reaching my healing milestones on time or sooner.

Because the truth is that the complications, despair, loss, and confusion I experienced in my own journey could have been prevented if I knew about and partnered up with the right support from day one.

When you work with me inside MIR(ACL)E, you're guaranteed to walk with someone who's been there and gets it... someone who's healed from her own journey and now has the personal and professional expertise to guide you through yours.

You'll be supported from a place of deep compassion, space, and grace - and the constant invitation to show up with ALL of your parts... even the ones that you've been afraid to show other people.

Because those parts need and deserve nurturing too.

And the only way to heal them is to expose them - and learn exactly to hear them so that you can confidently support them... through this journey and beyond.

I'm SO excited to be able to provide you with a container where you'll find all of the love, answers, and cheering squad you need 

Because I know and believe that this journey doesn't have to be a life-altering struggle.

Instead, it can be the gift laced with easy solutions, magical self-discoveries, and deeper connection with yourself and people who truly get you.

The bonus consequences? Your body heals faster, feels better, and you have WAY more fun, because you feel like you're still living a life that excites you.


This is exactly why I created

here's what being wrapped in this community can bring you

Inside of a community that gets you and exists to hold you, support you, and empower you,
you'll discover how to:

Free yourself of that constant pit-in-your-stomach feeling when you see your PT so that you can start and end each session feeling proud of your hard work and excited to get your progress report – because your body feels and moves better more and more each day

Go from feeling constantly distracted by your knee at work to instead feeling fully engaged at meetings and with clients knowing you have plenty of space and support at home later in the day to focus on your knee

Turn the anger you feel every time you see your friends go out for a ski trip without you into unwavering confidence that you’ll be out there in no time

Swap that isolating “they’ll-never-understand” feeling because your spouse and closest girlfriends have trouble seeing why you’re scared, sad, and angry TO knowing that you’re surrounded by a community who truly GETS IT

Stop drowning in defeat and discouragement while wondering if/when you’ll ever be “normal” again and instead feel hope and excitement that you’ll get back to normal faster


Patti D.

Thank you for calling me out and then calling me in, for letting me feel what I was feeling in any given moment with a safe space to cry and release, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to see myself in a new light.

Running Outdoor

Jennifer S.


I'm feeling optimistic and excited, particularly that my healing is going so well. Thank you for being such an awesome coach!

Okay, brief water break.

Now that we've established whether this is the right place for you, what you can expect, and what being wrapped in this community can bring to you...

How are you feeling?


Maybe a piece of your heart is saying, “Wow – this sounds amazing! I’ve been looking for something like this.” 


And what you really wanna know before you make your decision is the details – how does it all work?


I’m just about to give you the full scoop, so keep scrolling!


to be clear...

This is NOT the home for fine-tuning an exercise and nutrition program for you while you recover from an ACL injury.

We leave that to the practicing PTs, surgeons, and registered dietitians.

Because this community is designed to feel like a cozy, safe, and empowering place for you to grow and succeed as you recover from an ACL injury...


It is NOT for you if:

  1.  You do not have an ACL injury

  2.  Are content with a slow, complicated, and frustrating recovery process

  3.  You find it challenging to support others 

  4.  You have a tendency to give unsolicited advice

  5.  You’re seeking medical advice related to pain, swelling, your post-op protocol, when to start squatting, or what it means if you heard a pop while stepping off the sidewalk

  6.  You typically blame other people or things for undesirable outcomes 

  7.  You are not open to asking for and receiving group and individual support in your rehab journey

If you're still reading...

Then you probably feel a pull in your heart to be a part of this community. 

If you are indeed feeling that tug, then I want you to know that we have our arms open ready for you...


Especially if you want to go:


to instead

Being constantly on edge trying to protect your knee from your spouse, kids, dog, and random strangers at the grocery store 

Feeling care-free when someone bumps you or you make a sudden movement in public.

Feeling worried and anxious every time you step off a curb or walk on patchy grass because you wonder if you might re-injure yourself

Showing up to your weekly Orange Theory class with your friends ready to take on the workout and feeling completely safe in a body because you totally trust it.

Wondering if you'll ever again have the bandwidth to care for your kids, support your husband, AND tend to yourself without feeling like you got hit by a truck

Hitting the pillow right before bed feeling like the day was a WIN because you're noticing that you have more energy with each new day and THAT'S PROGRESS.

Feeling like you can hang out with your closest gal pals only when when your knee is up for it 

Spontaneously saying yes to a trail run with a mama friend, knowing it will feel good for your mind, soul, AND body.

Feeling secretly feeling mad at your husband and kids when they come home from a day on the mountain without you with ear-to-ear grins

being able to totally bask in their joy with them, feeling the excitement with them.

If you feel like I’m speaking to you, I want you to know

this is all possible

My clients aren’t unicorns.


And there's one more super exciting thing!


Most of my clients pay $7,500 for private coaching support with me,

but you won’t have to pay anything close to that in this program.


I’ve priced this community differently because I know what it’s like to go through recovery and feel like you’re stretching your time thin between PT and doctors appointments, meeting work deadlines, doing the laundry, and still trying to find energy to connect with your husband at the end of a long day. 


I get how exhausting that kind of a grind is.


And I believe that you should be able to get the highest quality of support you deserve without the added stress of “one more thing” on your plate… which is why this program is designed at a low time and energy cost.


Because the vibes your body, mind, and spirit need most in this recovery are

freedom, peace, and CONNECTION.


This community won’t be a “one more thing” kinda deal.


It will be THE thing that gives you your energy back, so that checking off the boxes in your personal, work, and rehab life feels easier all the way around.


How valuable is that to YOU?


A gentle reminder you DESERVE to feel spacious, light, and FREE in this journey.


Something tells me you believe that too. 


If you do, keep scrolling so I can unveil what’s included in this amazing one-of-a-kind membership program!

here's what's included

Instant access to getting your questions answered at your fingertips on Slack

Never again be sitting around wondering if you could be doing MORE to get better because you’ll have the conviction that you’re doing everything in your power given the guidance and reassurance in our private online forum


Personalized support and guidance in monthly coaching sessions via Zoom

Never again feel alone and unsure when you hit an unexpected detour in your recovery… because you’ll feel held, seen, and certain about exactly what to do next in our monthly group coaching calls


24/7 access to group coaching call recordings

Never again add more FOMO to your life because you can’t make a session due to your busy work and Mom-ing schedule – instead be able to keep up easily as you binge watch while doing straight leg raises


total value:

your investment: $150




line for cross out.png

Kristen S.

I just keep feeling closer to “having myself back” if that makes sense. I'm running nearly pain-free, making new friends, and and excited about what's to come. I can feel myself getting back to (and beyond) where I want to be.

Running Outdoor

Cindy T.

I feel a glimmer of hope, a bit of energy.. the “idea” that things could be different is enticing and feels “possible”.

frequently asked questions

  • Will I get personalized support in this program?
    Yes! One of the unique characteristics of this community is that you get ongoing group and personal support through both Zoom coaching calls and conversations inside of Slack. The more you engage in conversation in each place (Zoom or Slack), the more attention and guidance you'll receive. We love brave, committed, and curious women who take initiative and ownership of their experience. P.S. - many clients LOVE the support they receive so much that they're curious about how they can receive even more personalized support. If this is you, then know that one of the exciting perks of being a MIR(ACL)E Member is getting exclusive discounts on additional 1:1 private coaching support options. You can reach out to for more info or ask Jen in Slack.
  • What is the online forum/how does it work?
    Our private online forum exists through Slack. The conversations you have inside of this forum are safe and easy to track so that you can always stay up to date on new conversations and private messages. Upon becoming a member, you'll receive clear instructions on how to operate Slack so that you can navigate it confidently and easily.
  • Is this program going to give me an exercise and nutrition plan for my recovery?
    No. The focus in this program is helping you to navigate the mental/emotional/spiritual parts of your recovery journey (and life in the process). Your PT/surgical team are the best resources when you have questions about your exercises, and a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist is best for questions related to food. Have a question about seeking support in any of these areas? Ask away! Jen will help you to find the best possible team that's sure to give you the care you deserve.
  • What’s the time investment for this program?
    There will be one 60-90 minute group coaching call on one Wednesday of each month via Zoom. Outside of these group calls, you can spend as much time as you want making new friends, asking questions, and getting answers inside of the online coaching forum. This program is designed to meet the needs of an insanely busy working mom or CEO and also the woman that has tons of free time during the day. Jen gets what it's like to be busy (and also bored) and has designed this program so that time is not a factor in determining your success... nor does it add any extra stress on your plate.
  • What are the call times? I don’t live in the US and I want to know if I’ll be able to make it.
    Great question! This community is intentionally designed to accommodate your schedule WHEREVER your home is. Group coaching calls will happen LIVE on one Wednesday of each month around 12pm PST. If you are unable to join the call as scheduled, you’ll have access to the replay. AND you’ll also be able to go back and review all past calls again as many times as you want, as each call recording is available to you in your content platform. Should you decide to purchase additional 1:1 coaching calls with Jen, your private call will happen at a time that works best for both Jen's and your schedule.
  • Do I have to have gotten my surgery already to join?
    No! In fact, joining this type of community sooner rather than later has the potential to help you achieve EVEN MORE success in your recovery (while also experiencing a lot more fun and peace in the process).
  • What if my ACL injury happened years ago? Can I still join?
    Yes! If your injury happened a long time ago and you're still working towards your recovery goals, then this definitely still the place for you... especially if you're feeling like everything you've read about this community is filling your insides with all of the warm and fuzzies.
  • What if I have another injury besides an ACL tear? Can I join?
    Unfortunately this group is designed for women with an ACL injury only. But if the support you get in this container sounds like exactly the support you're looking for, then you can contact the team at Jen Davis Coaching via email ( and inquire about private 1:1 coaching.
  • Do I get access to all of the past coaching calls?
    Yes! This is one of the game-changing features of this community. No matter when you join, you'll get access to ALL of the past group coaching call recordings that are housed in our online library. So if you have an itch to binge-watch past calls, you can do just that! In fact, most people say this feels like such a fun and productive way to pass the time when they're doing straight leg raises or icing.
  • Is this program covered by my health insurance?
    No. The content and support provided in this container goes far beyond what your health insurance recognizes as “medically necessary”. You and I both know that you aren’t willing to settle for your insurance company deciding how fast and smoothly your recovery goes. You have the choice to take that power back into your own hands!
  • I've never worked with a mindset/life coach before. What can I expect?
    Each coach and the offers they provide are unique to their coaching style and values. Jen is passionate about providing a personal and community space that operates on unconditional love, support, and compassion. This means that she'll create a safe place for you to ask any and all questions related to your recovery and life that happens alongside of it -- and work together with you to find solutions that feel at home for YOU. Most humans crave to be heard, seen, and clear on what to do next. This is exactly what you get when you work with Jen. Within MIR(ACL)E, you'll get attention and guidance on the group coaching calls and also in the Slack... so even if you don't get all of your questions answered on Zoom, you'll be able to close the loop with Jen ASAP.
  • What happens if I get in and then decide I don't have time? Can I get a refund?
    This community is designed specifically for the hardworking, busy women in mind. Even if you can't make calls live, you're able to catch all of the replays AND get coaching when you want it inside of the private forum. That being said, there are no refunds for your membership. However, if after the 3-month minimum enrollment period you decide that it's not your thing, then you can choose not to re-enroll by cancelling your membership. Just be sure to communicate this by email ( before the next month's membership fee is processed.
  • What happens after I've completed the first 3 months?
    YOU get to decide how much time you want to spend in this community, and our arms are wide open welcoming you in as long as you want to be a part of it! After your 3-month minimum commitment is expired, you can choose to renew your membership monthly for $57/month. If you don't want to renew, then you can email and request termination of your membership. Please be sure to do this before the payment renewal date to ensure your payment is cancelled on time.

Jennifer S.

I'm feeling hopeful that I am going to move through this process with less difficulty than I had often imagined. I'm grateful for all of the people in my life that make all of this easier.

Running Outdoor

Kristen S.


I feel relieved and hopeful after our calls instead of feeling sad before I started working with Jen. I've discovered that I really like to be heard, and I've walked away from the calls feeling seen and validated.

Alright, friend


If you've made it down to this end of the page, then there's no denying that the whispers inside of you know MIr(AcL)E is the healing place you want to call         

When you become a member of this unique community, chances are you'll look back on this season and feel like it was only a flicker in time because the one-of-a-kind connection, support, and personal guidance you received not only kept you excited, focused, and energized in your pursuit back to your active, free, and unstoppable self…

it also birthed life-long friendships and adventures that leave you grateful for

all the gifts your ACL injury gave you.

So, what have you got to lose?

I see you.

And if you're still here with me I want to share something with you.

we can't wait to walk with you!

Don't wait another moment to start experiencing your own

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